I hit 200 followers?

I know that’s not a lot but I just want to let you all know just how much I appreciate and love every single one of you. I might not talk to you everyday, and I might not reblog everyone single post you have but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate you.

I have been over whelmed and amazed just how many people on Tumblr are willing to back you up and help you out when you’re in need. Whether that’s being a shoulder to cry on, listening to me vent, or just talking to me.

The last few weeks I feel like I’ve been to hell and back and I can’t imagine what would have happened without my beautiful followers coming together with your thoughts and prayers, and just being such an amazing support for myself and Blake. I would love to send each and everyone of you a ‘thank you’ message but let’s be honest - My thank you note will be more than 250 characters.

I want to send my heart out too all of you, I also want to thank you for being there even when I don’t feel like blogging and when I’m down. And also for putting up with me!

You’re all so wonderful and I hope you all read this so you all know just how much I appreciate you. You might not know me in real life but I feel like we’ve been friends for years.

- Remember I’m always here for you, If you ever need. You were there for me, so let me re-pay you the favour.

I hope you have a fantastic day/night.

Thank you again :)

We don’t know if the babies were identical or fraternal, sorry.

Yes I got diagnosed with VTS. Yes I still have one baby.. It’s fine you’re not going off as rude x

so I have to go out today, but I just can’t be bothered getting the girls or myself dressed and ready :(